The final event of the OWN Expo, the FCI European Dog Show, has opened

The FCI European Dog Show opened on Wednesday on the territory of the HUNGEXPO Conference and Exhibition Centre, and is awaiting visitors until Friday.

“The four-day series of events of the FCI European Dog Show, at which some 16 thousand dogs from 57 countries will be taking part, is being held as a worthy close to the ‘One with Nature’ World of Hunting and Nature Exhibition”, Minister of Agriculture István Nagy declared out at the opening ceremony.

“Dogs have always been important to our nation. It is no accident that, in addition to herding dogs and sheepdogs, Hungary can also boast several breeds of hunting dog: the Hungarian greyhound, the Transylvanian hound and the Hungarian vizsla”, the Minister pointed out, highlighting the fact that four years ago nine Hungarian dog breeds were included in the Hungarikum Collection of national treasures.

He explained that the state supervises the breeding of Hungarian dog breeds, and utilises the instruments available to promote these breeds.

On Friday, the World Cup of Hungarian National Breeds will be held as part of the European Dog Show, with 360 dogs entered. According to the Minister, this is an outstandingly high number in comparison to recent years.

As he explained, living with a dog is a source of much joy and is a determining experience. Some 1 million dogs are kept as pets in Hungary, which is a high number in international comparison, and Hungary is participating in the international exhibition with over 3 thousand dogs.

István Nagy highlighted the fact that over the past year the Hungarian government has adopted more stringent animal protection measures than ever before. “The National Animal Protection Program has been reviewed, the Animal Protection Centre was established, and the National Animal Protection Council was also set up with the goal of ensuring that Hungary is among the frontrunners in Europe within the field of animal protection within five years.”, he explained.

“2021 saw the creation of Hungary’s first animal protection codex, the government helped the work of animal protection organisations with 141 million forints (EUR 400 thousand) in funding, and in November, Parliament adopted the legislative amendments required for the protection of animals”, the Minister continued, listing the various measures, following which he announced that the government decree that also provides one-and-a-half billion forints (EUR 4.2 million) in funding towards the suitable protection of animals was published on 28 December. “This decree is a turning point for animal protection in Hungary”, the Minister pointed out.

Head of the KDNP parliamentary group, member of the Hungarikum Committee and show judge István Simicskó emphasised, amongst others, that the relationship between man and dog stretches back some 30 thousand years, and accordingly their scientific name (Canis lupus familiaris) also regards them as part of the family. “And dogs link us to vibrant, living nature”, he added.

President of the National Federation of Hungarian Dog Breeding Associations (MEOESZ) András Korózs recalled that five years ago the organisation was requested by Parliament to

realise a large number of dog-related events as part of the “One with Nature” World of Hunting and Nature Exhibition. As he explained, the MEOSZ has a high level of experience with relation to organisation international events, having already organised a European Dog Show in 2008 and a World Dog Show in 2013.

The MEOSZ awards were also presented at Wednesday’s opening ceremony: István Simicskó received a Puy Aladár award, the Government Commissioner for the “One with Nature” World of Hunting and Nature Exhibition was presented with a Jilly Bertalan Sr. award, and FCI Treasurer Barbara Müller was honoured with a Puy Aladár commemorative coin.

The award of Zoltán Kovács was accepted by Andrea Gulyás, One with Nature Non-profit Ltd.’s Director for Priority Affairs.

Source MTI; One with Nature
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