“My ideal is a majestic nature.” István Bársony

We Hungarians are proud of the fact that, ever since we were first aware of our history and began recording it, we have always striven to live in harmony with the natural world surrounding us. Therefore preserving the treasures of nature is an important and widely accepted goal for our society today. Few people know, however, that in the 21st century in most cases this system will no longer be capable of operating effectively without human intervention. By raising awareness across society, the Exhibition will serve to increase the importance of conservation and the love of nature in Hungary, the importance of the idea of rational, sober and prudent civilisational development and the aspiration to achieve balance.


“Our country is the richest in Europe for game, and our task is to ensure that it remains so.” István Fekete

The motto of the series of programmes – “One with Nature” – is a reference to the fact that humanity will always remain a part of nature: its fate depends on the global natural ecosystem, which must therefore be protected and aided in the sustenance of its capacity for regeneration. The Exhibition will contribute to enabling people to better understand: the importance of nature conservation; the concept and purpose of the sustainable utilisation of nature; and the usefulness and importance of – for instance – hunting, game management, angling, net fishing, management of fish stocks, forestry and forest management.


“Let us love our homeland, our nation and our discipline with loyalty, understanding and solidarity.” Albert Bedő

Protecting the ecosystem, preserving nature, and its expert and careful utilisation are part of the traditions of Hungarians and of Hungary. The development of agriculture and forestry has always been an element in Hungary’s economic development. Hungary’s geographical characteristics, its mountains, lakes and rivers, enable us to present how to live in harmony with nature within the most varied of environments. Hungarians’ hunting traditions are very diverse, and around the world the level of recognition for Hungary's hunters and hunting community is outstanding. Hungary is committed to presenting to the world its treasures, ambitions and successes.


“If one is a hunter, one searches not for killing but adventure.” Albert Wass

The first national hunting exhibition in Hungary was held in 1871, and was primarily a specialist forum for hunters. To mark the 100th anniversary of that event, the World Hunting Expo was held in Budapest in 1971. The 1971 event presented the situation of hunting around the world, and Hungary's achievements in hunting, conservation of game stocks and game management. It also laid the foundations for Hungary’s high reputation, and the prestige which our country has enjoyed to this day. The exhibition held almost half a century ago had a significant impact on hunting and the conservation of nature in Hungary.


“The love of hunting is not the product of any identifiable age or period that can be conceived of by our fallible minds, but of a primeval desire extending back to the mists of our uncertain origins. It is as old as humanity itself.”

During the 2021 commemorative year we will be celebrating our natural and hunting heritage with a series of colourful and diverse programmes. The Exhibition will use the latest technology to authoritatively and expressively present to the general public and the relevant specialist audience the values related to the sustainable use of nature. The capital will play host to the internationally important central exhibition, which will not only be a fair, but also an exhibition showcasing and using state-of-the-art technology (AR, VR, 5G). The Exhibition will also address younger generations and draw attention to the inseparable bond between people and nature.


“Hunting combines the chase and the murmur of the forest. But mostly the murmur of the forest.” Zsigmond Széchenyi

In Hungary the history of hunting, hunters and guardians of natural ecosystems stretches back many centuries. Over the past fifty years hunting has become a highly important economic and leisure activity. As a result of the 1971 exhibition there has been an increase in the prestige and recognition of hunting as a discipline that continuously monitors ecological conditions and aims to influence them in a positive direction. This activity facilitates the maintenance of a healthy natural balance and the preservation of biological diversity.


“Throughout nature, the hunter and the hunted exist for each other. The lives of the diverse kinds of game belong to the hunter, and we must respect these diverse kinds of life…” István Fekete

The 2021 World of Hunting and Nature Exhibition will be a major tourist attraction, and up to one million people are expected to visit the capital and provincial locations during the course of the commemorative year. A longer-term benefit for Hungary will be the highlighting of our natural treasures. This will increase the attractiveness of the country in general – and in particular hunting, angling and gastronomy tourism.


As the launch of the nest box mounting programme of the One with Nature World of Hunting and Nature Exhibition, 3,500 nest boxes and 350 bird feeders are being mounted throughout the country, the government commissioner responsible for the implementation of the exhibition said on Tuesday in Nagymaros.


We must bring back the knowledge of renowned predecessors in forest and game management to the 2021 world exhibition, the government commissioner responsible for the implementation of the series of events related to the One with Nature World of Hunting and Nature Exhibition on Thursday in Kismaros.


Hunting tourism is a major revenue-generating branch of the tourism industry, Government Commissioner for the organisation of the ‘One With Nature – World of Hunting and Nature Exhibition’ and related events Zoltán Kovács told public service media outlets at the inauguration ceremony of the Tapolca memorial forest.


In Dortmund on Tuesday Zoltán Kovács, Government Commissioner for coordination of the 2021 World of Hunting and Nature Exhibition, told Hungarian news agency MTI that next autumn at least one million people are expected to visit the Exhibition’s events, which – in addition to Budapest – will also be held in four provincial locations.


In Kisszékely on 17 December Zoltán Kovács, State Secretary for International Com-munication and Relations in the Cabinet Office of the Prime Minister, inaugurated a commemorative forest.