Films and videos

Although they may not be comparable to Hollywood blockbusters, there can be no question that nowadays the most beautiful natural history films reach a huge audience, and that they not only touch people’s hearts, but often also inspire them to take positive action.

For decades we Hungarians have been spoiled  in this regard, with generations growing up watching the films of István Homoki Nagy and Gábor Rácz. And now we can confidently claim that we can look forward to a host of special new   creations!

“Hunting combines the chase and the murmur of the forest. But mostly the murmur of the forest.” This well-known quotation from the famous Hungarian hunting writer Zsigmond Széchenyi is one with which all hunters will strongly agree. This saying could easily be the motto of the  films made for the “One With Nature” World of Hunting and Nature Exhibition. These include a feature film, a nature documentary and several shorter works aimed at promoting the topics and main goals of the Exhibition – such as the sustainable use of nature, and the importance  and necessity of hunting.

The topics of these videos are extremely diverse, but their shared characteristic is that they are works that fill a gap and have been long anticipated,  reaching out to children, students and adults alike. The goal of the organizers was clear: to make a  film series linked to September’s exhibition that is rich in value and presents Hungary’s national parks, hunting and fishing traditions, natural treasures, and the disciplines that are close to nature seen in the context of their past – and  especially of their future.

Themes will include professional, informational topics, such as a film about the everyday lives and duties of professional hunters.  But there will also be works focusing on our natural treasures, including our world record trophies; and  films showcasing our hunting dog breeds also promise to  be extremely popular. The works filmed for the Exhibition draw attention to the importance  and necessity of a hunting ethic  founded on centuries of tradition, and therefore the scenes  in the videos were produced in accordance with fundamental ethical principles.

The completed productions that form the “One With Nature film series” have been created by Hungary’s foremost professionals.  The locations are naturally Hungary’s most beautiful areas, and accordingly the scenes that can be seen on television or computer screens all convey Hungary's unique natural treasures to the viewer. The creators of these films also espouse the Exhibition’s ideals related to long-term sustainability and the necessity and importance of hunting.  Several of them are no strangers to the hunting rifle in their free time.

So all that is needed is a comfortable sofa or armchair, and we can be sure that while they marvel at the beauty of the sequences,  viewers’ love of nature and bond with Hungary’s scenic beauties will be strengthened, and their knowledge of Hungary’s wild animals will grow.

The “One With Nature” World of Hunting and Nature Exhibition’s YouTube channel.