Meeting of the falconers of the Visegrád countries


In Sárospatak between 5 and 8 December, the 2019 Meeting and Conference of Fal-coners of the Visegrád Countries was held as a precursor to the “One With Nature” World of Hunting and Nature Exhibition.

The event was organised by the Hungarian Falconers Club with the intention of establishing a tradition. As part of the V4 event, various interesting presentations were made on subjects including the following: falconry, habitat management, falconry telemetry and diseases of certain birds of prey. The event offered not only specialists but also lay people and children the chance to learn more about the variety of birds of prey.

At the opening ceremony of the meeting the World Exhibition was represented by Special Director Richárd Bors, who said that the agency organising the World Exhibition is devoting special attention to traditional hunting methods such as greyhound coursing, hunting with muzzle-loading rifles, archery and falconry. The Director pointed out that falconers play a major role in raising the profile within society of hunting and game management.

Photo: István Bóta

Source: One With Nature