Commemorative forest inaugurated in Kisszékely


In Kisszékely on 17 December Zoltán Kovács, State Secretary for International Com-munication and Relations in the Cabinet Office of the Prime Minister, inaugurated a commemorative forest.

Dr Kovács – who is also Government Commissioner for the 2021 World of Hunting and Nature Exhibition – said “those who think responsibly both in terms of their community and themselves are the ones who plant forests”.

He added that we plant forests so that our children and descendants can enjoy their benefits, including the trees, the animals and the knowledge.

He pointed out that this responsible approach is also represented by the Government.

He went on to say that this is why the Government has decided to launch a forestation programme in Hungary on over 550 hectares of land linked to 86 settlements.

In this context every state forestry agency is requested to be a partner in planting one hectare of forest, Dr Kovács emphasised, adding that the aim is for future generations to remember a highly successful 2021 Hungarian world hunting exhibition and its predecessor fifty years earlier.

Dr Kovács said that every effort is being made to ensure that future generations remember the 2021 exhibition both as an exciting event and as the cornerstone of a new tradition that should be continued.

Source: One With Nature