A film has been produced about Fátyol (Veil), the dog mascot of the OWN Expo

A fictive documentary has been produced under the title “Veil – Short of the forest, beyond the city” about Fátyol Csővárberki, the dog mascot of the “One with Nature” World of Hunting and Nature Exhibition; the premier of the film, staring the wire-haired Hungarian Vizsla, will be on Duna Television at Easter of 2022.

“It isn’t good to exist without a dog”, Government Commissioner for the OWN Expo Zoltán Kovács said at a press discussion to announce the movie at the FEHOVA International Hunting, Fishing and Arms Expo on Friday, adding that he himself is the proud owner of three wired-haired Hungarian Vizslas.

The Government Commissioner highlighted the fact that the “One with Nature” World of Hunting and Nature Exhibition, which included 1500 program elements, was the largest dog-friendly event of 2021, and in addition to hunting also presented topics such as cohabiting with nature and sustainable game management. 600 thousand people visited the central exhibition of the OWN Expo, and over 1.6 million attended the various events of the series of programs linked to the Exhibition.

“Three dozen films have been produced with relation to the ‘One with Nature’ World of Hunting and Nature Exhibition, including several feature films, and the film about Fátyol is the latest in this series”, Mr. Kovács explained, adding: “Fátyol’s name has become a kind of brand in view of the fact that the Fátyol School Program brought 60 thousand schoolchildren to the OWN Expo”.

The film’s director, Dávid Géczy, told reporters that the Fátyol movie’s genre is an educational documentary, but it is also an entertaining feature film.

“Two well-known actors (who play themselves in the movie), Ernő Zsolt Kiss and his friend and colleague Iván Kamarás, teach the Vizsla puppy about urban and forest life, proving that the Hungarian Vizsla is one of the most loveable companions as well as the best working dog”, he said about the film’s storyline.

Recalling the shooting of the film, Ernő Zsolt Kiss said that although the movie was shot in segments, he soon found a common voice with Fátyol on every occasion, and was also hugely impressed by the lead actor’s working capacity.

“One of the important missions of the movie is to draw the attention of especially the younger generation to the fact that people should choose a dog consciously, and not just based on good looks”, Ernő Zsolt Kiss emphasised.

Katalin Noveczki, the dog’s breeder and trainer, and one of the characters in the film, added that Fátyol, who is now almost eighteen months old, passed all of his exams with flying colours, and thanks to his strong nervous system easily got through even the most difficult days of shooting.

The discussion’s moderator, head of the University of Veterinary Science’s Centre for Animal Protection Law, Analysis and Methodology Szilvia Vetter, reported on one of the university’s latest research results, according to which there is a dog living in almost fifty percent of Hungarian homes today, which is outstanding in European comparison.

Ágoston Pomázi, expert and participant in the Fátyol film, highlighted the fact that responsible pet ownership requires self-knowledge, knowledge of the breed, and the creation of a suitable environment. “These conditions are now always given, unfortunately, as proven by the fact that the number of dogs in shelters is also increasing”, he noted.

Zoltán Kovács added that the data reported on by Szilvia Vetter is also an indication of the fact that dogs are an unescapable part of everyday life.

“The issue of human responsibility is of course also a key guideline when it comes to having pets”, the Government Commissioner declared, pointing out that the government recently introduced stricter regulations for pet owners.

Source MTI/One with Nature
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